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Antique - Chinese Smoking Pipe and Small Chinese Figure

Material - Brass

Engraved with a Floral Scene on Pipe

Dimension - 13-3/8" Long x 2-7/8" Wide (Pipe) AND 4-1/4" Tall x 2" Wide Chinese Figure

Condition - Very Good - Except the Pipe Is Missing the Cover for the Tabocco Holder as Depicted in Picture by the Pointer.

Chinese Pipe and Figure



    1.  Payment Received in FULL before Item or All Items Ship.

    2.  Contact Seller for Return Instructions on Original Item for Credit.

    3.  Flat Rate Shipping Cost

    4.  State and Local Sales Tax will be added of 8.25%

    5.  Volume Discounts available based on number of Items Purchased, DAILY.

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